Coupons Boost Your Small Business

Are you looking to boost your business? Are you a small business in a quiet location and you are not receiving the traffic you expected? There are plenty of small businesses that are hidden treasures simply waiting for their big break. We’ve all heard the term, “Location, location”, so what if your business is not located in the ideal location? Starting your small business requires quite an investment and most people are very hesitant these days to invest too much money until they know their business is going to thrive. If you are in a remote location because you could not afford to lease a prime spot on Main St. then you need to rely heavily on marketing and advertising your company. You need to let people know that you are here and that your business has something to offer consumers that other businesses do not.

Most new small business owners rely on on high-paid advertising, determined to reap in a slew of customers and make more than their money back. The truth is that most high-paid advertising yields very little profit and there are times when businesses actually lose money. You take a gamble with your hard-earned dollars every time you put your money in the hands of another advertising company. You roll the dice and hope that you win. Sometimes you do, but more often, you don’t. Sure, it’s much cheaper to place an advertisement in your local newspaper but we know that this is the electronic age and even newspapers are struggling to make sales. Everyone is getting their information online these days and this is where you want consumers to see your business!

It is very easy and costs very little money to open your own website that displays your products/services and offers driving directions to your location. Most people who hear about your business will look it up on the internet to see what you’re all about and if they are pleased, will pay you a visit! Is this enough to boost your business? This is actually the minimum that you should do to gain new customers. Most people assume that all business will have their own website and if they do not see your business online, they could get discouraged.

We know that creating your own website is a great start, but what else can you do to get the word out there about what your company has to offer? Should you take a chance and pay $100 or more per day with an internet advertisement or pay for the postage of hundreds of postcards? Well, take a deep breath because you can advertise your small business for FREE with a new online company by the name of The Customer Advantage. You’ve probably heard of Groupon before. This is the online coupon company that has millions of customers waiting to hear about your business. The clientele is already in place and all you have to do is join as a member and offer coupons to consumers. The coupons are emailed each day to all members and the customers buy your coupons. You know that most people are not going to buy a coupon if they do not intend to use it so you pretty much have one guaranteed customer right there. This one customer can become a repeat customer and sooner than you know it, that customer’s family and friends are starting to show up at your place of business!

The Customer Advantage (TCA) is expected to outshine Groupon so this is where you want to advertise. Google already made TCA an offer for millions of dollars with the intention of purchasing the company but they declined the offer. You will read about this when you do your research online. It already seems like The Customer Advantage has a miracle cure for consumers, small business and economy in general. Consumers want their money to go to small businesses and want to avoid shelling out their hard-earned money to corporations that hire cheap labor overseas. They want to put money into companies that are going to offer job opportunities to U.S. citizens, lower the unemployment rates and help our economy get back its feet. Consumers want your products and services small businesses, so let’s give it to them! They just need to know that you’re there and that you can give them what they need. The Customer Advantage can help get hundreds of people through your door. All you need to do is make them want to come back!

How do you become a member and promote your business? It is very easy and takes a whole two minutes to sign up online for free. There are advertising experts simply waiting to cater to your needs and help you customize your coupons. You can offer coupons ranging from 50-90% off of the products/services of your choice. You decide where to place the discount, how much you want your customers to save and where you want to set the cap. The number of coupons released is completely up to you and once the cap is reached, TCA will stop sending them out. Once you see that this system works in your favor and gains you a much larger group of new customers, you’re going to want more! The next time you want to boost your business, simply do it again! There are no commitments here, so there is simply no gambling involved and you just cannot lose. Why not take a small portion of the money you had budgeted for marketing and advertising and put it in the pockets of hundreds of potential customers? I think the answer is, why not?

This is a new company, so you’re probably wondering where the catch is. The truth is that this company is valid and offers a win-win solution for everyone involved. I was doing research online and did my best to find any information discrediting this company. Usually, if you search long enough, you can find some hidden loopholes. I found nothing negative and in fact learned even more about the way the company works and why it is going to be the next big thing to happen to small businesses. There are hundreds of testimonies out there showing what a great prospect this will be for all small businesses seeking free advertising. TCA is still in the pre-launch stage, so now is a great time to sign up and be the first in your area to offer great savings to local customers. Other local area businesses just might start asking you for marketing advice!

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